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Beacon Eye

Beacon Eye Associates enhances vision for patients from Naperville. Our experts and resources help you experience life with greater depth and enjoyment through your eyes. Enhance your eyes’ capabilities!

Naperville, IL Optometrist, Contact Lens, GlassesNaperville, IL Optometrist

The health of your eyes influences your quality of life. Our optometrists serving Naperville define what your vision needs to operate most effectively.

We first rule out any conditions such as cataracts or retinal detachment that can alter your eyesight. We then assess the health of your eyes and provide the solutions and products for clearer vision.

Our state-of-the-art exams for Naperville include vital services such as visual-field testing, corneal topography and dilated-fundus evaluation. If a problem is caught early, treatment can often minimize vision loss.

Beacon Eye co-manages LASIK and cataract surgery as well. If surgery is required, we collaborate with our respected surgeons to determine the best procedure.

Ensuring the health of your eyes inspires us to excel. Enjoy each day with the greatest possible vision. Contact us at (630) 892-1401 to speak with a Beacon Eye optometrist for Naperville.

Naperville, IL Glasses

We are a reputable resource of high-quality glasses for Naperville residents. We help you select the frames and lenses that will enhance your vision and lower your eye-care costs over the long term.

Contemporary glasses include optical advances such as UV protection, transition lenses and scratch coating. We often use high-end, digitally surfaced lenses, which provide greater adaptation as well as better vision at all distances. We will evaluate your eyes to recommend the ideal glasses according to your eye health.

We’ll be glad to discuss our selection of glasses for Naperville with you. Contact us at (630) 892-1401 today for more information!

Naperville, IL Contact Lenses

Beacon Eye specializes in contact lenses for Naperville. Contact lenses have advanced greatly in the last decade – Naperville optical patients can now use one-day contacts (dailies), two-week disposables and monthly disposables. Disposables are typically the best and safest option.

Other advancements such as silicone hydrogel lenses now make contact lenses much easier to use as well. Improved multifocal, monovision and specialty contacts also now allow you to enjoy vision from both far and near. We often use hybrid contact lenses by Synergeyes to help patients with a corneal surface disease to enjoy crisp, clear sight.

Let’s talk more about how our contact lenses for Naperville can benefit you – contact us today at (630) 892-1401.

We Accept Insurance

Beacon Eye currently accepts most types of vision insurance for Naperville patients. We also accept most medical-insurance plans (excluding HMO) for medical evaluation of the eyes. We hope to hear from you soon!