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Beacon Eye

Welcome to Beacon Eye Associates, led by Dr. Angelo Vatianou. We specialize in helping Montgomery residents achieve the best vision possible. We enjoy contributing to your quality of life through your eyes.

Beacon Eye serves as Montgomery’s optometrist for ages 3 and up. We provide our patients with the most current optical information and solutions, including new technologies, contact lenses and glasses.

Montgomery, IL Optometrist, Contact Lens, GlassesLocal Optometrist for Montgomery, IL

Your eyes are a complex neurological system that requires special care. Eye diseases and conditions such as cataracts and retinal detachment can affect your vision. Other health-risk factors such as diabetes and hypertension can influence your eyesight as well. Our skilled optometrists will determine the health of your eye so you can take the right steps toward achieving clear vision.

Our exams can often prevent vision loss by catching problems early. We also co-manage LASIK and cataract surgery with reputable ophthalmologists. If surgery is required, we work closely with our surgeons to plan the best course of action for you.

Discover more about what we can do for your eyes as your optometrist serving Montgomery. Contact us at (630) 892-1401 today to speak with a Beacon Eye professional.

Current Glasses for Montgomery, IL

Beacon Eye is a main source of contemporary glasses featuring new materials and styles for Montgomery. Our selection of frames and lenses enhances your vision and helps minimize the cost of your eye care.

Today’s advances in glasses include UV protection, transition lenses and scratch coating, to name just a few. To achieve greater vision and adaptation, we often use high-end, digitally surfaced lenses.

We’re also discerning in our selection of frames. We carry only brands known for their quality such as Giorgio/Emporio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Polo, Flexon, Calvin Klein and Kenneth Cole.

Contact us at (630) 892-1401 for more details about our glasses for Montgomery.

Enhanced Contact Lenses for Montgomery, IL

The optical profession has made great progress with contact lenses during the last decade. You can now use one-day contacts (dailies), two-week disposables and monthly disposables.

Other improvements such as silicone hydrogel lenses also now make contact lenses much more simple to use. Plus, with current multifocal, monovision and specialty contacts, you can enjoy both near and far vision as well.

We’d love to discuss what our contact lenses for Montgomery can do for you – contact us today at (630) 892-1401.

We Accept Insurance

Beacon Eye accepts a wide range of vision insurance. To verify if we accept your plan, simply contact us at (630) 892-1401. Alternate payment plans also are available.